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MENTOS – Dimag Ki Batti Jala De

“Going back in time … to find the missing link…”. This is how the advertisement begins, arising the curiosity of the viewers, hence forcing them to dump the thought of swapping channels.

The Advertisement:

The scene opens to a donkey mastering over a monkey. Poor monkey, stumbles upon ‘MENTOS’ and  offers it to his “daddu” (the master, donkey) first. In an egoistic fit  he refuses. The monkey then mouths the mint and the proverbial “dimag ki batti” comes on! Hence, begins the monkey’s evolution. The advert shows him hunting, his development to a caveman and his face off with fire, then Stone Age and finally the invention of the wheel. Completing a whole cycle, the now evolved monkey – make that a homo-sapien – finds his “daddu” at the same place where he had left him. The “daddu” is surprised but now with “dimag ki batti” he enslaves the donkey and the tagline “MENTOS- Dimag ki batti jala de” flashes in the foreground.

Concept and its Impact:

Animated advertisements are conventionally meant for a child product. This MENTOS advert by OGILVY & MATHER, INDIA definitely broke this myth. The idea captured the masses by means of the story it told. The history timeline of the evolution of man and centering it on the mint product is applaudable.  Presenting a simple story in an attractive package of animation, not deviating from the basic motive of selling the product definitely makes this advert stand apart.

The tagline “Dimag ki batti jalao” with the bulb (batti) glowing alongside captured the imagination the first time it hit the market and gives a sturdy fight to its rivals. But the freshness of this Feb 2008 advert revived the tagline and attracted a large number of consumers. The regulars were elated and it gave a reason for the virgins to give it a try.

This is one of those adverts which easily became the talk of the market. They say, “Hey! Have you seen that daddu advert? Ingenious, hilarious!” Now if you haven’t seen it, you’ll eagerly wait for it on TV or conveniently you-tube it. And BINGO! That is marketing. Their motive was to make the advert reach to as many as possible and they hit the bull’s eye there. Going and getting the product that very moment is not what they intended for.  They made a mark and that curiosity will always be there in your minds. So, the next time you got to the vendor and see MENTOS – you’ll pick it up!

The Product’s Role:

The advertisements pick on any nerve of emotion and play on it – humor, elation, heartbreak or some social issue. And in this attempt some get so carried away that the centre shifts to the emotion instead of the product. This is where “daddu” stands apart. It tells a complete story, takes the viewer on a time ride from past to present and still the focus is on MENTOS. It’s MENTOS which is the ‘link’ that has been ‘missing’- as the advert says.

Plain and simple this advert had every chance of exaggeration but Mr. Abhijit Avasthi and Mr. Jignesh Maniar, the creative directors on this advertisement struck the right chord. MENTOS – a mint usually munched by the youth now has a fresh bunch of consumers. The animated version draws kids to it and the smart story telling infuses the urge of ‘giving it a try’ for the upper youth (don’t call them ‘adults’).

This mint had definitely revived the consumers enlightening their ‘dimag ki batti’ !

Soumya Saxena

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (2 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5)
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  1. sanjay jain , on January 8th, 2011 at 4:50 am Said:

    dear sir my 3 years daughter is so much horrified whenever this ad comes on tv she cry with fear to see the daddu she runs towards us and we have to turn off the tv and i am sure she will die to see this ad if no one is in the room this ad has created so much problem for us she has become so much frieghten with this ad that she treble with fear to heard even with the name daddu so i request u stop this on all tv channals otherwise i will have to take some other action for this thanking u